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The International Media Awards

The international media awards have been suspended for the past few years due to COVID-19 restrictions. We hope to get the awards up and running again as soon as possible and we will update you when we know more. For now, we invite you to read about the success of the last International Media Awards, which took place in 2017 commemorating its 10th anniversary.

Celebration and recognition was given to an array of journalists across six key categories such as The Peace through Media Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and Cutting Edge Award. The 2017 winners included Lyse Doucet OBE who received the Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting for her phenomenal work, notably her coverage of the Arab Spring. Jack Merlin Watling, the investigative journalist, was also celebrated and was the recipient of The Breakaway Award.

Historically, The International Media Awards have been organised to celebrate principles of ethical journalism, including the precepts of truth and accuracy, fairness and impartiality,  humanity and finally, accountability. These concepts may have become neglected in the post-truth age we currently live in, where alternative facts are given as much credibility as honest journalism. It is, therefore, vital to honour the commitment and professionalism credible journalists have when uncovering the truth about the most complex political tides the world faces today.

The Latest Awards

The Media Awards are awarded to journalists and broadcasters who, through the consistently high standard of their work, promote better understanding of the people and politics of the world as a whole but with a particular emphasis on the Middle East.

The Latest Winners