Healing the Nations 2023

We are excited to invite you to register to attend all or part of the Next Century Foundation’s ten-day Healing the Nations conference this summer from Saturday, July 1st to Monday, July 10th 2023.

Conference sessions will be conducted via Zoom and each session will last two hours. We anticipate a productive, open discussion. The opening session will be on the record, but all other sessions will not.

There will be morning sessions from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm BST and afternoon sessions from 3pm to 5pm BST.

The morning sessions are:

  • Israel and Palestine: Fact, Faith, and Future.
  • Women’s Rights in the Middle East: Finding a Way Forward.
  • Ukraine: The Outlook for a Lasting Peace.
  • Iraq. 


The afternoon sessions are:

  • Cosmopolitanism.
  • Syria: Diplomatic Normalisation and Regional Integration.
  • Israel and the Middle East: When Crises Collide.
  • Afghanistan: Resolving the Political Paralysis.
  • Yemen: The Threat from Complacency.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Congo’s Agony – The Unknown Mineral War in the Heart of Africa.
  • Cyprus: Breaking the Political Deadlock. 


To read the full conference programme please use the link below:  

Conference Programme


Registration Details

You will need to register in advance for these meetings and identify the sessions you wish to attend. There is one link for the morning sessions and another link for the afternoon sessions. Please use both registration links if you would like to attend both morning and afternoon sessions. Once you have clicked on the registration links please select all the sessions you wish to attend. 

If you’d like to register for a morning session please use the link below:


If you’d like to register for an afternoon session use the link below:




Jul 01 - 10 2023


10:30 am - 5:00 pm

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