NCF Global Forum 18/07/2023

The NCF Global Forum is an open discussions for active members to exchange ideas and concerns.  We aim to meet once every six weeks to share reflections on current crises and struggles that concern us, and suggest possible ways to move forward.

This forum will take place on Tuesday 18th July at 3pm BST. All are welcome and the meeting will be off the record.

If you wish to join, we have devised a list of questions to help stir your thoughts for discussion:

  1. Reflecting on the discussions held during the Healing the Nations Conference 2023, how can we take tangible steps that will enable us to tackle the challenges highlighted during the sessions?
  2. In this era, fraught with dangers, what should NCF say or concentrate on?
  3. What are the NCF activities which we need to strengthen? E.g. Our summer conference? Our UN interventions? Our humanitarian work? Our blogging and social media? Our work on Counter-Extremism?
  4. What new activities should NCF include so that it strengthens NCF for the future, especially so that it becomes impactful in conflict zones?

If you wish to attend, please us the link below to register.

Click here to register:


Jul 18 2023


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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